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We have been witnessing the eruption and flourishing growth of the mining industry in the past decade. After all these, digital mining has been pushed to the most upstream sector in digital assets and can be described as the "source of everything" too.

With seasoned experiences of serving our clients, Winkrypto found that the Chinese mining community has not yet demonstrated influences aligning with its inner strength in the crypto world.

Reshaping the Beauty of Hashrate & Brand New Future

To meet the challenges, Winkrypto steps forward to launch the Global Mining Forum (GMF) - a whole new integrated marketing brand, in coordinating with industry peers.

GMF will play as a Peers Partnership to unite mining hashrates as many as possible, take mining community out of its own limited circle, and bring more digital asset users and publish awareness closer to digital mining with a better understanding.

Winkrypto is customizing integrated marketing solutions for mining brands in 2020, under the slogan Reshaping the Beauty of Hashrate & Brand New Future. We have a plan of hosting six events, onsite or online, in a series riding waves like Bitcoin halving, hashrate growth, mining machines iteration and the emergence of financial products,etc. They brilliantly reached a core audience of the crypto world, subsequently increase the volume and depth of the mining industry, and help the community hold together jointly within a turbulent environment. Next, we are honored to work hand in hand with industry leaders to create trends for the next decade, from the starting point of a new round of hashrate landscape reshaping.

Our mission is to help insiders of the mining circle to cooperate and communicate with each other, also help the common outsiders to recognize, understand, finally join the mining circle. GMF will be fulfilled as an annual event, and ultimately skyrocket to be one of the top Spatial marketing brands, if all the best.

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